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Welcome to Country Life

McCormick & Co has a specialist division focused on the sale of high value and sought after rural & lifestyle property.

Selling a rural property can be one of the biggest decisions an owner makes during their lifetime. Therefore, choosing an agent is a critical part of maximizing the value of their asset. McCormick & Co is very aware of the daunting choices facing a rural & Lifestyle property landowner. Based on our own experiences in the agricultural industry. McCormick & Co have developed strategies to maximize the exposure of our valued clients properties to the widest possible audience of investors.


Achieving Results

We have a highly skilled and experienced team who are totally com­mitted to ensuring success for both property owners and investors.

Because we are not a large corporation, we have the flexibility not always found elsewhere. This also gives us the opportunity to be fully focused on clients’ needs and offer ingenious marketing strategies not found in a traditional or corporate culture.

Our success comes from our constant desire to exceed expectations. We constantly strive for cli­ent satisfaction, arrived at by minute attention to detail, listening to and empathising with our cli­ents, to ensure excellence, originality and solu­tions suited to needs.




The McCormick & Co website provides detailed information on all properties for sale and enables users to navigate their way easily through property descriptions and images.


In addition to our extensive database of over 3,000 high net worth individuals, companies & professional service executives, we have a unique relationship with a number of the major merchant banks who have low profile, yet high net worth clients looking to invest in the agricul­ture industry and other real estate sectors. Our excellent resources and connections have also allowed McCormick & Co to tap into the Chinese Investor market. We have staff who are fluent in Mandarin. 


McCormick & Co has a dedicated team of advertising experts at our disposal. McCormick & Co has a commitment to ensure our clients properties receive the maximum possible exposure through a number of recognised and not so recognised marketing methods. 

John Baker with happy vendor Ahmed Jadoi