Do you need a buyers agent?

By Scott McCormick 16th March 2018

If you are currently looking for a home or an investment property, you would probably agree that the market place isn’t very consumer friendly.

I have noticed in recent years that more and more buyers are turning to buyers agents/advocates to help them find and secure a suitable property, and in many cases I think it’s a good idea.

If you don’t have time to research the market and understand the different tactics used by selling agents, then employing some skilled assistance will likely save you a lot of time and heartache. The key is to find a good buyers agent that has a lot of happy clients and one that you feel you can trust – much the same as when you select a selling agent.

There are of course good buyers agents and ones that should be avoided. We often get calls from buyers agents asking to see properties during the week because they don’t work Saturdays. That’s a joke. A buyers agent that doesn’t work Saturdays is about as useful as a window cleaner that’s afraid of heights!

A good buyers agent will not only help you complete the transaction, they will help you choose a good conveyancer, help you understand inspection reports and give you market price guidance.

If the home you want to live in has several interested parties, then paying a few extra thousand dollars to someone to help you get it is money well spent.

Have a great Day!


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