Thinking of selling your home, but unsure where to start? Wishing you could get the low-down from an agent before you take it to market?  Then find out about the things most agents won’t tell you, so you can be better equipped for the sale.

Signboard - Is a signboard really necessary you may ask?. The reality is a signboard is a necessity for a host of reasons least of all to ensure your property receives maximum exposure during the marketing campaign. Whilst you may not want your neighbors or friends to know your selling. It is inevitable that they will find out your property is on the market and the sooner they do, the sooner they can start telling everyone they know which more often than not helps your sale. A signboard is one of the most effective means of marketing property and is often referred to as " your silent salesperson". The signboard works for you 24/7 and the images and copy used are designed to attract people to take their interest further with an inspection.