The Silent Salesperson

By Scott McCormick 10th April 2018

In my years in real estate I think I have heard every possible reason from vendors during our "planning the sale" meetings why a signboard is not necessary on their property. Thankfully 99% of vendors quickly come to the realization that a signboard is absolutely necessary after we go through the reasons why a signboard plays such an important role in the marketing of their home. Perhaps the very best reason is a signboard clearly states to all passing traffic that a property is either For Sale or For Auction. This may spark buyer interest from neighbours and at the very least starts the conversation among passersby that a home is available in the area.

Sure active buyers are searching the internet daily in their quest to purchase a property but the "silent salesperson' may be your not so secret weapon to attract the passive buyer who because they saw the signboard is triggered to make an inquiry about the property. Without the signboard those buyers are lost.



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