Who is really selling your property?

By Scott McCormick 27th March 2018

When considering selling a property often the vendors interview several agents each from competing real estate offices. Each agent will try to convince the prospective vendor they are the best agent for them to select to market and sell their property. Nothing new here! But wait….

In recent years agents have increased their ability to handle multiple properties by using assistants to complete many tasks formerly undertaken by themselves. Among those tasks often delegated by the Agent are open for inspections or buyer leads. What this means is, in some cases the agent who you think is going to market and sell your property for you will delegate many of the tasks to associate agents or junior agents. The agent who you have engaged will in some cases only ever meet or talk to a prospective purchaser for your property when they are ready to submit an offer or have submitted the offer to the associate agent or junior agent.

I struggle with this approach because in many cases the vendors do not become aware of this practice until well after the agent has been selected. Invariably, the vendors have been misled by the agent into believing that they were going to be the agent handling the sale of the property.

Why do I struggle with this approach? Firstly, I believe a vendor should be represented by the most experienced agent in all dealings with the marketplace. Secondly, agents should be upfront with prospective vendors and step them through who will handling the sale of their property and how the agent intends achieving a great sale for the property and vendor.

If you are intending to interview agents to sell your property make sure you ask for full details on who will be selling the property and who will be handling all inquiries from potential buyers. You do not want any surprises. Surprises lead to concerns and doubts and may lead to a lower price being achieved for your property.

Thank you for reading.


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